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Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, KY Fall 2023 Bourbon, BBQ and Black culture were the takeaways that I absorbed during my recent visit to Louisville, KY.  The purpose of my visit was to volunteer at the Nomadness Festival which is dedicated to celebrating, providing resources and projecting the stories of BIPOC people in the travel space.  In this travel guide you will get an overview of how to shake it up in Bourbon City. 


World Culture Festival

Ignite Your Five Senses at the World Culture Festival Let the countdown begin!  Washington D.C. will become the center of the universe from September 29 – October 1, 2023 where spectators will convene to experience the immersion of nations at the World Culture Festival.  Hosted by the Art of Living, a non-profit that is committed to eradicating the stress from people’s everyday lives and providing them with healing tools such


Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL Summer 2023 Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour brought me to the Midwest, but the city vibes kept me entertained and engaged on my three day weekend getaway.  This itinerary will spark your wanderlust to try a new restaurant, tour a historic site or simply enjoy the everyday motions of the city.  Get ready to learn, see and do all that Chicago has to offer.   LODGING: Canopy by Hilton –


Luxor & Aswan, Egypt

Luxor & Aswan, Egypt Winter 2023 My Egyptian adventure continues with part two of my travel guide that highlights my experiences in Luxor and Aswan.  My mode of transportation during this leg of the trip was sailing down the Nile river on a luxury river cruise.  Two historical cities in four days, let’s get ready to learn, see and do all the gems that Luxor and Awan, Egypt have to

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Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt Winter 2023 The lure of Egypt has been calling me for years and I finally made the trip deposit to embark on a journey of a lifetime.  This milestone birthday trip was booked through Gate 1 Travel and led me on a 10 day adventure to Cairo, Luxor and Aswan.  I experienced everything from the awe inspiring pyramids to cruising down the Nile river.  After three years of

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Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery, Alabama United States Civil Rights Trail Fall 2022 Alabama is a state that has been on my radar for quite awhile due to its historical significance and being the mecca of the civil rights movement.  In October of 2022, I had the great fortune to be awarded a scholarship from the Alexandria, Virginia Community Remembrance Project to be one of 165 people to participate in this once in a


Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina Fall 2022 Asheville, North Carolina is the perfect location to escape the hustle and bustle of Washington, DC.  Don’t let the small town vibes fool you.  There are tons of food options and quaint shops abound.  In this travel guide you will get a heavy dose of African American history, food and culture.  Get ready to learn, see and do all things in Asheville, North Carolina.   


O’ahu, Hawaii

O’ahu, Hawaii Spring 2022 There’s no better way to jump out of my travel hiatus due to the pandemic than by hopping on my first plane ride in two years and head to the 50th state in union.  The Aloha state is known for their amazing weather, beautiful beaches and Dole pineapples but on this trip I wanted to dive deeper into the soul of the culture by exploring and


Rhode Island

Rhode Island  Summer 2022 The Ocean State is known for its seafood, stately mansions and beautiful waterways.   I spent my college years in this lovely state and this travel guide will show you the townies perspective with a little bit of history mixed in.  Highlighted are attractions in Providence, Warwick and Portsmouth that will capture your attention and immediately trigger you to book your next vacation to the area. 


Bucks County, PA

Bucks County, PA Spring 2022 Bucks County, PA is the perfect weekend getaway for metro Washington DC residents that are looking for a low key vibe that will allow you to explore the area at your own pace.  In a reasonable 3.5 hours you can reach the quaint town of New Hope and start your vacation at a local restaurant to try the cuisine.  I would like to thank the