Pack Up & Go – Boston – October 2018

Pack Up & Go
Boston, Massachusetts  
October 12-14, 2018

The latest adventure in travel is the need to leave all your worries of planning behind and let someone else worry about the details.  Enter Pack Up & Go, a boutique travel agency that specializes in creating customized three day getaways based on your interest.  The one aspect that makes Pack Up & Go so unique is that the traveler does not know where they are headed to until they arrive at the airport.  For a reasonable $850 (flight and hotel accommodations included), I headed off to the airport to see what adventures awaited me.  Below I have outlined what I experienced during my three day getaway in Boston:


  • Pack Up & Go:  A boutique surprise travel agency that plans your excursion based on what your interest are and locations that you recently visited.  The results of the survey produced a fully packed schedule that combined my love of food and history

Munch Tip:  Prices range from $500-$5000.  Also, a minimum of four weeks is required to book travels arrangements with the company.  


  • Freedom Trail:  Check out how the Revolutionary War began, by following the brick trail that zig zags throughout the city of Boston.  Each stop on the trail highlights significant landmarks that have shaped America.

Munch Tip:  Why pay for a tour when you can use the company Free Tours By Foot.  They have tours ranging from history to food.  All you have to do at the end of the tour is tip the guide.   


  • Yummy Walk Tours:  Combine your love for food and history in one excursion with this tour.  There were about four food stops along the tour. The highlight for me was going to the Oyster House and having the opportunity to sit in the Kennedy booth.  The length of the tour is 3.5 hours and is priced at $59.

Munch Tip:  Use the promotional code LATE FALL to receive a 10% discount for tours in November.  

  • Beehive Restaurant:  This restaurant was a great recommendation by the Pack Up & Go team.  Reservations were made on my behalf which allowed me the opportunity to have optimal seating to see and hear the live jazz band.  The menu was very creative and daring, so for dinner I chose one of the most adventurous dishes; lamb neck with sweet potato tahini with kale.  

Munch Tip:  Make reservations way in advance.  This place gets really busy on the weekends.  

  • DRINK Bar:  It pays to talk to other travelers.  This bar was a recommendation by the two ladies I met when I was on the Yummy Walk Tour earlier that day.  DRINK has a long wait but it’s worth the experience of getting a customized drink based on your specifications.  My drink of choice consisted of something sweet, bubbly and fruity. Beautiful and delicious the drink justified the price of $13.  

Munch Tip:  Either come early for appetizers and drinks or come late for after dinner drinks, so that you can avoid the long wait.  



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